Weight Distribution (In Progress)


Weight (in pounds)



Wheels (x4)

1.5 (6)

Power Distribution


Motors and Transmissions (x4)

7.5 (30)

12 Victors; 2x Victors (x6)                                         5/8 (3.75)
Super Structure                                                           6

Total so far                                                                  53.5 pounds

CAD of thoughts

We have decided to have a bar going from the top of the front tower to the back of the side rails to provide more structure.  We have also decided to have two arms for the intake because earlier, the ball would not properly get through.  Also we changed to having the two intake wheels by about six inches to allow more surface area on the ball.

2014-01-17 Friday Build Notes

  • We’ve done more work on the low goal: mounting hinges and connecting sides to each other. We’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out how the sides fit together, however.
  • We’ve discussed various ways of winding up and releasing the catapult: besides the Choo-choo design, Christian started prototyping a design involving two worm motors and a pneumatic. This transmission is a two speed with worm drive that engages with pneumatics.
  • Classmate was configured and connected. The control system is now working, sans joysticks. We were able to receive video from the axis on the classmate and power a motor in autonomous.

2014-01-11 Saturday Build Notes

  • Scraped old chassis CAD file and created new 29 x 27 inch chassis
  • Auxiliary Prototyping:
  • We prototyped a version of a catapult that it propelled from the top. We decided that this prototype works best and we will pursue its build on the final version of the robot.
  • Installed Labview, NetBeans, Java, and 2014 NI update on programming laptop.
  • Wired power for cRIO, Axis IP camera, NetGear wireless bridge, and Digital Sidecar.
  • Configured and Updated cRIO, Axis IP camera, and NetGear wireless bridge.

  • Continued layout
  • Created pages for calendar

  • Still photos and video taken

2014-01-10 Friday Build Notes

Catapult prototype completed:

       Five holes from front

  1. Straight up and a little backwards. Added post to rear. Added a foam stop.
  2. Straight forward, need to shorten travel with more stops or shorten rear post.
  3. Added bungees ( a lot)
  4. Took out posts
  5. Lacking Safety Measures
  6. Can shoot up to 8ft 10 in from 2ft table
Work on low goal continued.

Website modified, updated
  • New layout

  • Documents uploaded

  • Drew up CAD for kit chassis with 28 x 28 inch sides
  • Beginning the organizing of the electronics and controls.
  • Still photos and video taken