2014-01-17 Friday Build Notes

  • We’ve done more work on the low goal: mounting hinges and connecting sides to each other. We’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out how the sides fit together, however.
  • We’ve discussed various ways of winding up and releasing the catapult: besides the Choo-choo design, Christian started prototyping a design involving two worm motors and a pneumatic. This transmission is a two speed with worm drive that engages with pneumatics.
  • Classmate was configured and connected. The control system is now working, sans joysticks. We were able to receive video from the axis on the classmate and power a motor in autonomous.

2014-01-11 Saturday Build Notes

  • Scraped old chassis CAD file and created new 29 x 27 inch chassis
  • Auxiliary Prototyping:
  • We prototyped a version of a catapult that it propelled from the top. We decided that this prototype works best and we will pursue its build on the final version of the robot.
  • Installed Labview, NetBeans, Java, and 2014 NI update on programming laptop.
  • Wired power for cRIO, Axis IP camera, NetGear wireless bridge, and Digital Sidecar.
  • Configured and Updated cRIO, Axis IP camera, and NetGear wireless bridge.

  • Continued layout
  • Created pages for calendar

  • Still photos and video taken

2014-01-10 Friday Build Notes

Catapult prototype completed:

       Five holes from front

  1. Straight up and a little backwards. Added post to rear. Added a foam stop.
  2. Straight forward, need to shorten travel with more stops or shorten rear post.
  3. Added bungees ( a lot)
  4. Took out posts
  5. Lacking Safety Measures
  6. Can shoot up to 8ft 10 in from 2ft table
Work on low goal continued.

Website modified, updated
  • New layout

  • Documents uploaded

  • Drew up CAD for kit chassis with 28 x 28 inch sides
  • Beginning the organizing of the electronics and controls.
  • Still photos and video taken