Hello everyone,
The Reseda team has been quite busy lately at the LA regionals. We fixed some parts, replaced others, and shored our robot up in the hours leading up to our first match. We had our robot ready and won our first match. By the end of the day, we were rank 16 and got chosen by the number one alliance comprised of teams 5802 and 330. We then went on to win the competition and qualify for worlds!

That brings us to the elephant in the room. The Reseda team doesn’t have lots of money. We only got to regionals because of generous parent donations. FRC Worlds in Houston, however, is much more expensive with costs upwards of $20000 to bring the team and compete. We simply do not have the funds to travel at the moment.

With that said, we would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help pitch in for the expenses on the trip and help us make our way to Houston. We have a GoFundMe page up and we would be ecstatic if we could rack up enough donations to take our team of aspiring engineers to their very first FRC Worlds competition.

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