2018 FRC Powerup

Welcome to the Reseda Regents Robotics first post of the 2018 FRC season.

The Game
This year’s game, powerup, consists of multiple yellow cubed that are to be carried around the field and deposited at one of two switches and one scale. The objective is to weigh down your side of the switch/scale with pieces to earn points. Points are earned on a per-second basis when controlling a switch, scale, or both. At the end of the match, players can climb the middle scale for extra points and if all three climb, they can challenge the boss and earn 1 ranking point.

There are multiple powerups available and multiple strengths per powerup available in exchange for cubes. Each powerup has space for 3 cubes underneath it. The amount of cubes inserted determines the level of the powerup. The available powerups are force, boost, and levitate. Force takes control of the scale, switch, or both depending on what level of powerup, boost doubles points from scale, switch, or both depending on the level, and levitate gives one allied robot a free climb. Only one powerup may be used at a time and each powerup may only be used once.

The Plan
The Reseda team is already hard at work engineering the ideal robot for this challenge. You can view the progress made in the team documents on the FRC Files Page and on our twitter page.

We look forward to a strong 2018 year and wish the best of luck to everyone!

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