How to get AndyMark 775 motors with 100:1 Vex Pro Versa Planetary Gear Set to work

These were our tests to try to get the VEX Pro 100:1 Planetary Gear set to work with the AndyMark’s 775 motors.  These motors will be used for our intake rollers.

  1. We took the gear box apart and looked at the individual gears to see if anything is inside.
  2. We decomposed the gearbox and tested the motor again. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem.
  3. We tested the motor with a power source.  A 12V battery gave different results than a power source that is plugged into the wall.
    1. Plugging it into a wall power source gave a significant decrease in energy It was enough to run the motors without the gearbox.
    2. When the gear boxes are connected the motors, the motors will then not spin.  This lead to the thought that the gearboxes have too much torque for the motors to spin.
    3. Luckily, when plugging the motor and gearbox to the 12V battery, it worked better.  This may be due to a more consistent feed of electricity through the battery rather than the Power Source.
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