Engineering and Robotics at Reseda High School

At Reseda High School, Science Magnet students are offered a 3 year Career Technical Education (CTE) program in the Engineering Technology Pathway under the Engineering and Design Industry Sector as well as an extracurricular opportunity to compete complete year-round robotics program.

Engineering Technology provides interdisciplinary course work that uniquely combines Science, Technology, Computers, Math, Writing, Creativity, and mechanical skills. No prior robotics experience is required, only spirit, interest, and enthusiasm. Students are able to work at their existing skill level while expanding their knowledge about a wide variety of other disciplines. Building robots stresses both Foundation and Pathway Standards as students gain experience in design, fabrication, construction, critical thinking and leadership through project-based courses.

In addition to the technical skills, Reseda Robotics emphasizes values that place character at the heart of competitive success. With a goal of “Gracious Professionalism,” students are encouraged to be strong competitors on the field and kind and respectful professionals off the field. Through teamwork, the goal is to build robots capable of completing the required tasks and challenges as given in the annual U.S. FIRST ("For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology") VEX Robotics Competitions.

Carnegie Mellon University has found that “robotics may be the premier integrator in education today allowing a teacher to talk about design, innovation, problem solving, and teamwork at the same time they are talking about math, science, and technology; robotics puts academic concepts in context. The skill sets students learn as they work with robotics can easily be transferred to many other industries. Robotics provides excellent teaching examples of the concept and integration of systems and subsystems. Learning to build robots and then compete with and against other schools is a unique and unparalleled learning experience. Robotics is a 500 billion dollar emerging industry that will have the same impact on the new economy as mass production had on the industrial revolution and the computer had on the information age.”
Reseda High School is located in a working class neighborhood where students are under-represented in the areas of Engineering Technology. Our goal is to increase both the number of future Engineers Reseda produces and also to maintain and increase college enrollment among our graduates. Students who have been involved in our program have a 100% rate of going on to college. With about 30% going to a four year University and about 70% going on to a community college.

Daniel Riedinger
Engineering Technology Teacher
Robotics Coach/Mentor